Why Parent & Child?


Parent & Child Interaction

One of the most unique components of KinderGym is the physical involvement of both the child and their adult caregiver. It is this element that sets KinderGym apart from other programs offered within the community. Child and adult interaction is a key developmental principle on which the KinderGym program has been developed.

Adult Involvement:

  • Adults are responsible for the supervision and safety of their own child
  • Adults share in their child’s fun and achievements. The real benefit comes from the child’s self-initiated play rather than parent-directed play
  • Adults provide encouragement and positive reinforcement for the child through play
  • Adults reinforce the healthy lifestyle message provided at KinderGym
  • By being actively involved, adults reinforce to the child a positive lifelong attitude towards physical activity

We believe that adult involvement in a KinderGym program:

  • Plays a major role in the development of society, by providing an opportunity for adults to spend quality time with their child, including:
    • Learning
    • Sharing
    • Having fun
  • Provides substantial benefits to the child including:
    • Safety
    • A greater rate of development, due to the child feeling secure in a known friendly and supportive environment
    • Expanded learning opportunities through continual follow up activities by the adults
  • Provides the adult with an opportunity to learn and ultimately provide greater support to their child’s development.