Safety & Comfort


Food and drink

  • No food is allowed in the KinderGym, including snacks/milk/juice. Only water is permitted in the KinderGym.
  • No eating or chewing gum in the KinderGym.


  • Comfortable clothes such as shorts, t-shirts, leggings, or tracksuits.
  • Loose clothing, dresses, skirts and tights are not suitable and can be unsafe
  • Long hair must be tied back to keep clear of equipment
  • No jewellery or belt buckles on the children please.


  • Please remove children's shoes and socks before the lesson
  • Parents and caregivers can wear socks but no shoes please

Mobile phones

  • Please switch off or put on message bank before entering the KinderGym. If a call must be taken, please take your child to the foyer area and attend to your call there.

No smoking

  • No smoking anywhere in the KinderGym or on the KinderGym grounds.

Hot or cold weather

  • Our KinderGym is fully air-conditioned for summer and heated for the winter.

Evacuation procedures

  • These are displayed in the KinderGym. Please take the time to read these.

Change facilities

  • Baby change facilities are available in the Bathroom.
  • Please take all nappies out to the red lid bin.