KinderGym provides a safe and exciting indoor adventure playground, where a child and their parent can learn and play together. Children learn to move, and move to learn. KinderGyms creatively structured playful physical activities stimulates children’s minds and bodies.


  • develops fundamental movement patterns, balance and coordination
  • builds self-esteem and confidence, preparing the body and mind for life's challenges
  • provides the foundations for a lifetime of positive attitudes towards physical activity.

Starting your child in KinderGym gives them the opportunity to develop:

  • Fitness from a young age — during the important years of early bone & muscle growth
  • Strength and flexibility — laying an excellent foundation for many other sports
  • Increased mental capacity — studies show that stimulation of the balance and spatial orientation system in early childhood helps prepare & develop the brain for higher learning.

Wherever our programmes lead you, we hope that you enjoy your time at Burnside KinderGym.