Age Groups



BabyGym is suitable for 6 months to competent walking. BabyGym provides the opportunity to explore and develop your baby's physical and cognitive skills in a fun environment at your own rate. This is a wonderful session to meet other parents and children in a welcoming environment.


KinderGym is for children who are confident walkers up to 3 years of age. These sessions offer a wealth of opportunity to develop awareness of their body and where it is as it moves. This session offers play opportunities to explore and develop their physical potential through age appropriate activities.


Our PreGym sessions are an extension to the KinderGym program and will enable children to develop and improve their physical and co-ordination skills in a slightly more structured environment. This session is suitable for children aged 3-5 years.

Junior Gym

Junior Gym at Burnside is a structured program suitable for children aged 4-5 years. This program is aimed at children who are ready to be slightly more challenged. The sessions are planned to encourage children in safe risk taking and decision making, as well as introducing team work and following instructions. A great pre cursor to starting school and improving physical literacy.

General Gym

General Gym is a blended class which is suitable for all age groups. All elements of the individual sessions are available for each child as they grow and want to explore further learning in their KinderGym session. Many families find this class suits best when they have children of different ages.